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Benefits of wearing EM ceramic collars for your pet:

Wearing EM ceramic collars have shown positive results against ticks. Pets wearing these collars had almost 100% reduction in ticks. This is due to the vibration of the EM ceramic; they vitalize and harmonize the coat and the body of the animal which has a natural tick repellent effect.

Not only are the EM ceramic collars excellent against ticks, they also have a positive effect on the general well being of the animal. it balances and helps an insecure and nervous animals feel safer.


What is EM Ceramic:

EM stands for Effective Microorganism and is a technology developed by the Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. He uses three key groups of microbes: yeast, photosynthetic bacteria and Lactic Acid bacteria. These EM are already used in agriculture, healthcare, animal husbandry and much more

EM Ceramic Beads are using this microorganism to ferment the clay, and then baked at high temperatures to capture their beneficial properties. The results are beads that emit non -evasive, far infrared waves, with a natural tick repellent property.

EM Ceramic Anti-tick Collar Size XL

SKU: 1
  • Please measure the neck from your cat or dog so you choose the right size. The collar should be not too loose or too tight. Ideally you should be able to fit 1 to 2 fingers in between the neck of the animal.

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