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Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is a very powerful cleanser of both emotional and physical toxins. At the same time as it is flushing undesirable elements from the body, it allows better absorption of much needed vitamins and minerals from the diet. The combination of these properties makes Lapiz Lazuli a useful supplement for just about any animal or human. 

Long term use of chemical medicines overloads the body with toxins and hampers the excretory organs. Lapis Lazuli will help to boost our ability to maintain a healthier chemical balance.

Stress and depression are easily picked up by animals. They pick up on the emotional imbalances and unhappiness of their humans. This acts to lower vitality and physical functioning. Lapis Lazuli helps to release such emotional negativity.


Healing qualities: Helps with absorption from vitamins and minerals, flushes toxins from the body and mind, enhances the energy flow throw the body, resonates with the respiratory system, helps animals affected by the humans’ negative emotions.


Best used on animals with:

- Depression

- Low energy

- Poor diet

- Post traumatic pain

- Respiratory problems

- Toxicity

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