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This stone is extremely beneficial for many problems typically suffered by females. It is very useful in stabilising hormonal imbalances such as mood swings, anxiety and neurosis. Chrysoprase is also a very useful crystal in treating separation anxiety. Some dog breeds, for example the German Shepherd, are known for being one-man dogs, in other words their love is very focused on just one person in their life. When owners go away on holidays or even for just a weekend, these dogs can suffer from acute separation anxiety. Dogs with this tendency will particularly benefit from Chrysoprase.


Healing qualities: aids digestive system, balances female emotions, boosts fertility, calms deeply/physically and emotionally, enhances relations between different sexes, encourages emotional independence, heals separation anxiety, regulates hormones and seasons.


Indications of use:

•   Difficulty conceiving

•   Digestive problems

•   False pregnancy

•   Hormonal imbalances

•   Irregular seasons

•   Irritability

•   May assist in treatment of anorexia

•   Mood swings in females

•   Nervousness

•   Pining

•   Separation anxiety

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