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Hematite increases the red corpuscles in the blood and is claimed to be of use in many types of blood disorders. It makes for better usage of iron in the diet. It is in fact composed of about 70% iron itself. It be used to help treat anemic states or conditions where vitality is lacking.

Hematite is also an extremely good kidney cleanser.

Hematite is able to have a profound “grounding' effect that will protect from what might otherwise be overwhelming shock to the system. That is why it is useful fro helping deal with shocks, traumas and frights. Hematite is indicated for maintaining calmness.


Healing qualities: boosts physical vitality, cleanses the kidneys, grounds, calms and sooth, improves assimilation of iron from the diet, helps to stem bleeding, maintains emotional boundaries, strengthens the blood.


Indications of use:

•   Anemia

•   Bleeding wounds

•   Blood disorders

•   Panic and hysteria

•   Kidney problems

•   Lack of vitality

•   Shocks and traumas

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