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Amethyst helps with grief after losing a loved one. Animals as well as humans experience pain at bereavement, sometimes even worse than we do. Whether it is a human family member who has passed or one of the animals in the family, everyone suffers. Therefore using Amethyst at such sad times will help all.

Losing a loved one does not always have to involve the loved one passing. When animals are separated from their friends, companions and carers for whatever reason, They may undergo a degree of emotional stress. Using Amethyst will soothe them and help them to survive the sad period without losing too much vitality or succumbing to illness. Amethyst is a key crystal in the treatment of separation anxiety in any animal that has been kept apart from their loved ones. For example animals that have to spend time in a kennel or cattery.

There have been many examples of healthy pets falling seriously ill  and even dying due to enforced separation. Stress is a very destructive force for animals as well as humans.


Healing qualities: Eases the pain of losing or being apart from a loved one, serves as a general calming stone, helps in training young stubborn animals, soothes fears and stresses.


Best used for animals with;

- Bereavement and grief

- Disorientation

- Fear

- Panic attacks

- Separation anxiety

- Training problems

Amethyst tumble

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