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This year for Christmas we would like to give back. That is why we decided to make these amazing advent calendar boxes for you and your pets. The profits of these boxes will be donated to help animals in need. There are so many charity organisations struggling daily with the big amount of stray animals in the UAE. With this initiative we hope to help them rescue more animals in need. 


The profits of these boxes will be donated to rescue organisations in the UAE in the week of christmas.

The boxes are filled with lots of toys, treats, crystals and Christmas themed items. Please click below on each box of your choice to find out more.

The boxes are on pre-order bases and will be delivered between 2-11-2023 and 22-11-2023.


You will be updated with a video and or pictures when the funds are given to the organisation(s)


The organisations will be chosen before christmas and depening on the amount wil be devided over one or more organisations. 

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