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This stone is perfect for rescue and abused animals. It is a stone of uncoditional love and infinite peace. Rose Quartz is more often than not used for animals whose past involves some kind of ill treament at the hands of humans. Many animals displaying traits of distress, aggression and fear turn out to have been neglectfully and cruelly treated. The animals that have expierenced this kind of life may develop serious imbalances that will manifest as extreme fear or aggression, lack of trust in others and closure of the heart chakra and a blocked ability to love. This makes Rose Quartz one of the most important crystal for rescued animals. These animals can be very succesfully treated for their traumas using Rose Quartz.


Healing Qualities: 

Gives confidence and love, heals the affect of past abuse, reduces stress, helps dealing with anger and aggression, Helps animals who see all humans as bad.


Best used for animals with:

- Anger and agression

- Fear

- Muscular tension and rigidity

- Nervousness

- Past abuse or cruelty

- Resentment

- Seeing all humans as bad

- Stress-related asthma


You can rol this rose quartz gentle over the body of the animal to give him a wonderful healing massage.

Rose Quartz Massage

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