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Clear Quartz is often called the ultimate healing crystal. They say, if you have only one crystal in your collection, Clear Quartz should be the one. This crystal has shown that it will amplify the energy of whatever part of the body it is placed nearby. Regular use of Clear Quartz will help to enhance the bioenergy of the whole system and have a positive effect on the animal’s health by raising levels of vitality and boosting the immune system.

Clear Quartz will alleviate many extreme emotional states. For example: animals that have to go to the vet and get extremely excited to the point of hysteria. These animals will benefit from the use of Clear Quartz.

As a protection of background radiation in the home, place a piece of Clear Quartz on or around computers, television and other electrical appliances. You can also hang a Clear Quartz pendant on the collar of cats and dogs, place pieces inside the fish tank and pieces big enough so it cannot be swallowed inside animal cages. Doing this can have a very positive effect on the health of pets living in rooms with electrical equipment.


Healing qualities: Alleviates extreme emotional states, Amplifies and directs energy for improved healing and immunity, cleanses and purifies the blood, enhances bioenergy of the whole system, protects against background radiation, reduces pain, inflammation and damaged nerves and scar tissue.


Indications of use:

–    Blood disorders

–    Effects of radiation

–    Hysterical animals

–    Inflammation

–    Low immunity

–    Pain

Clear Quartz tumble

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