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The main purpose of Citrine is to lessen emotional or sensory overwhelm. When young animals enter the world of humans, with lots of new expierences, sounds, smells and million other things going, it can be very overwhelming. They need to learn how to cope in this new enviroment. Using Citrine will help them adapt and get used to new situations.

Mental fatigue, lack of concentration and confusion may all affect an animal that is suffering from sensory overload. Citrine can help to regulate this overload. It can also be very beneficial in training a young animal.


Healing qualities: Aids concentration, energises, strengthens the immune system, lessens overwhelming impressions of enviroment on young animals, protects against radiation, stress and shock, supports newborns.


Best used for animals with:

- Diabetes

- Emotional or sensory overload

- Fatique and exhaustion

- Low immunity

- Poor concentration

- radiation exposure

- Sudden changes in an animals life

- Training problems 

- Vulnerable and weak newborns

- Wild animals in captivity

Citrine drop for cats and small dogs

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