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Carnelian can be used for lack of mental focus, listlessness, lack of energy both in mind and body, and then inability to concentrate the mind and maintain attention on something. Its healing properties go beyond training issues, making it worth considering for any kind of state where an animal appears to has lost its enthusiasm for life.

Carnelian also boosts the appetite, which is an important benefit, as so many sick animals loose interest in food, thus not getting enough nutrients to heal.

Sometimes depression and lethargy are not symptoms of disease, but sings of an animal loosing its vital spark as it ages. Older animals, especially dogs, can become more fearful and lacking in confidence as they age. They isolate themselves and become reluctant to leave their home, as they feel more protected

in their own environment. In this case they fail to get the exercise they need, and this can contribute to their failing health. Carnelian is especially useful for reversing this cycle, and will help to stimulate their mental and physical aspects. This will encourage more interest in play, exercise being outdoors , food and life in general.


Healing qualities: Boosts confidence and energy, enhances the sense of touch, helps mental focus and concentration, improves appetite, increases the will to live, maintains the vital force during illness, stimulates the mental and physical aspects of older animals.


Indications for use:

  • depression

  • fading life energy

  • lack of focus

  • low confidence

  • low energy

  • poor appetite

  • sad elderly animals

  • training problems

  • weakness during illness

Carnelian star

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