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Benefits for animal:

Blood stone is a very important crystal that aids and supports the working of many vital organs and acts as a cleanser and detox remedy. This crystal will have potentionally huge benefits for animals that suffer from illnesses. Also for animals that have taken or are taking lots of medication, bloodstone can help dislodge the toxin material from their organs.


Healing qualities:

Supports the iternal organs, boosts energy, detoxifies liver/kidneys and spleen, purifies the blood, helps with anaemia, helps with blood disorders, constipation problems, helps with fatique and exhaustion and animals with kidney problems.


Benefits for owner:

As its name suggests, Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healer. It heightens the intuition and increases creativity. An excellent grounding and protecting stone, Bloodstone keeps out undesirable influences. It stimulates dreaming and is a powerful revitalizer. Psychologically, Bloodstone gives courage and teaches how to avoid dangerous situations by strategic withdrawal and flexibility. It encourages selflessness and idealism and aids the recognition that chaos precedes transformation. Bloodstone assists you in acting in the present moment. 

Mentally, Bloodstone calms the mind, dispels confusion and enhances the decision making process. It can revitalize the mind if you are mentally exhausted. This stone assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances. Emotionally, Bloodstone helps in grounding the heart energy. It reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.


  • Material: natural Bloodstone with sterling silver necklace

    Large clip fits medium to extra large dog collars

    Medium clip fits small to medium dog collars

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