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Crystal Descriptions













Amethyst helps with grief after losing a loved one. Animals as well as humans experience pain at bereavement, sometimes even worse than we do. Whether it is a human family member who has passed or one of the animals in the family, everyone suffers. Therefore, using Amethyst at such sad times will help all.

Losing a loved one does not always have to involve the loved one passing. When animals are separated from their friends, companions and carers for whatever reason, they may undergo a degree of emotional stress. Using Amethyst will soothe them and help them to survive the sad period without losing too much vitality or succumbing to illness. Amethyst is a key crystal in the treatment of separation anxiety in any animal that has been kept apart from their loved ones. For example, animals that have to spend time in a kennel or cattery.

There have been many examples of healthy pets falling seriously ill and even dying due to enforced separation. Stress is a very destructive force for animals as well as humans.


Healing qualities: Eases the pain of losing or being apart from a loved one, serves as a general calming stone, helps in training young stubborn animals, soothes fears and stresses.


Best used for animals with;

- Bereavement and grief

- Disorientation

- Fear

- Panic attacks

- Separation anxiety

- Training problems









This unusual crystal is a combination of Citrine and Amethyst and has the properties an colors of both. It is very effective when given to young animals that display signs of hyperactivity. On the other hand, because it resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, it is able to boost energy and produce an uplifting effect in a tired or depressed animal.


Healing qualities: Balances excessive or depleted energy levels, help animals know when to stop, Very helpful with young puppies or kittens with allot of energy, soothes agitation, uplifts and revitalises, helps with depression.


Best to use on animals who display:

- Depression

- Fatigue and exhaustion

- Hyperactivity

- Hyper sexuality

- Low energy

- Nervousness

- Training problems

- Uncontrollable behaviour








Aquamarine gives warm hearted energy. It is a very good stone to pacify nervous animals. It has a general tonic effect strengthening the stomach organs, eyes, jaw and teeth. It calms overreactions of the immune system caused by allergies. This makes Aquamarine very beneficial for animals with a sensitive stomach or suffering from food or skin allergies.


Healing qualities:

Calms nervous animals, strengthens the stomach organs/eyes/jaw and teeth, it calms overreactions of the immune system caused by allergies. 



Brings energy through the body. It can help with healing bones, aids with calcium absorption and restores elasticity to the discs. It is also pain relieving. Helps with muscle spasms. It strengthens the immune system



Amber is often thought of as a crystal but Amber is actually tree resin that has solidified and becomes fossilised. Even though it is not a crystal, it is still a very powerful healer that draws damage from the body and promotes tissue revitalisation. Amber allows the body to re balance and heal itself.

On a physical level, Amber gives great resistance to allergens, infections, colds and bronchial and asthmatic conditions. Other conditions such as rheumatic pains and stiffness can also be helped with Amber. It will help to draw out the pain.

The protective influence of Amber extends to healing intestinal upsets, very common in  dogs and bladder problems such as cystitis, very common in cats. You can place a piece of amber next to the affected area or place a Amber pendant on the collar of animals that are prone to these conditions. Amber will help soothe the animals discomfort, bringing relaxation.

On the mental and emotional levels, Amber acts in the same protective and purifying way. It has been used to help soothe depression in both humans and animals and will bring about a greater sense of calmness and positivity.

Regular use of Amber will help revitalise and strengthen the whole system.










Bloodstone is a very important crystal that aids and supports the working of many vital organs and acts as a cleanser and detox remedy. This crystal will have potentially huge benefits for animals that suffer from illnesses. Also for animals that have taken or are taking lots of medication, bloodstone can help dislodge the toxin material from their organs.


Healing qualities:

Supports the internal organs, boosts energy, detoxifies liver/kidneys and spleen, purifies the blood, helps with anemia, helps with blood disorders, constipation problems, helps with fatigue and exhaustion and animals with kidney problems.

Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate is a cooling and soothing stone. The look of the stone suggests calmness and tranquillity, detachment from irritation and annoyance, and a state of mind that is relaxed and pleasant.  

It is very useful for calming down states of anger, whether an acute flare up during a stressful time, or a deeper seated and chronic state.

An animal that displays a grumpy tenancy, or always seems in a bad mood, may very likely be helped by these crystals


The keynote to Blue Lace Agate is heat. Anywhere there is heat, whether in emotions or the physical body Blue Lace Agate can be used to soothe. It neutralises red energies, the energy of heat, fire and passion. The word inflammation literally means “on fire” and so any part of the body that is inflamed can be helped to heal itself with this stone.


Healing qualities: Calms vocal and demanding animals, cools and calms, soothes inflammation and heat of the body and mind.


Indication for use:

•   Anger

•   Attention seeking animals

•   Bites and stings

•   Females in heat

•   Fevers

•   Grumpiness and bad tempers

•   Inflammation

•   Tired, inflamed eyes

Black Tourmaline



This stone is for animals that are prone to picking up negativity from their owners. When animals pick up on or mirror the negative emotional states of their owners, they are suffering for what is known as the sponge effect. We humans have to realize that we carry with us a great deal of stress and negativity, and while we think we can cope with it, to animals it represents a very powerful and noticeable negative force. Many animals will fall ill or lose vitality if exposed to it for too long.

Black Tourmaline is also one of the main remedies for the negative effects of background radiation from computers and other electrical equipment. This crystal is perfect for the protection of small caged animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies and birds that may live within radiation fields and cannot get away from the source of the problem.


Healing qualities: Balances and regulates hormonal levels, helps animals adapt to being brought into the human environment, protects animals from background radiation, protects animals against humans emotional negativity, realigns the physical body, undoes damage caused by stress.


Indications for use:

- Hormone imbalances

- Muscle strains and pains

- Radiation

- Skeletal problems

- Sponge effect

- Stress from human contact

Blue Calcite




Blue Calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. It can lower the blood pressure and dissolve pain on all levels. It gently soothes the nerves and lifts anxiety and releases negative emotions. Blue calcite can absorb energy, filter it, and return it. It can strengthen the skeleton and joints. 


Carnelian can be used for lack of mental focus, listlessness, lack of energy both in mind and body, and then inability to concentrate the mind and maintain attention on something. Its healing properties go beyond training issues, making it worth considering for any kind of state where an animal appears to has lost its enthusiasm for life.

Carnelian also boosts the appetite, which is an important benefit, as so many sick animals’ loose interest in food, thus not getting enough nutrients to heal.

Sometimes depression and lethargy are not symptoms of disease, but sings of an animal losing its vital spark as it ages. Older animals, especially dogs, can become more fearful and lacking in confidence as they age. They isolate themselves and become reluctant to leave their home, as they feel more protected

in their own environment. In this case they fail to get the exercise they need, and this can contribute to their failing health. Carnelian is especially useful for reversing this cycle, and will help to stimulate their mental and physical aspects. This will encourage more interest in play, exercise being outdoors, food and life in general.


Healing qualities: Boosts confidence and energy, enhances the sense of touch, helps mental focus and concentration, improves appetite, increases the will to live, maintains the vital force during illness, stimulates the mental and physical aspects of older animals.


Indications for use:

•   depression

•   fading life energy

•   lack of focus

•   low confidence

•   low energy

•   poor appetite

•   sad elderly animals

•   training problems

•   weakness during illness



The main purpose of Citrine is to lessen emotional or sensory overwhelm. When young animals enter the world of humans, with lots of new experiences, sounds, smells and million other things going, it can be very overwhelming. They need to learn how to cope in this new environment. Using Citrine will help them adapt and get used to new situations.

Mental fatigue, lack of concentration and confusion may all affect an animal that is suffering from sensory overload. Citrine can help to regulate this overload. It can also be very beneficial in training a young animal.


Healing qualities: Aids concentration, energizes, strengthens the immune system, lessens overwhelming impressions of environment on young animals, protects against radiation, stress and shock, supports newborns.


Best used for animals with:

–    Diabetes

–    Emotional or sensory overload

–    Fatigue and exhaustion

–    Low immunity

–    Poor concentration

–    radiation exposure

–    Sudden changes in an animal’s life

–    Training problems 

–    Vulnerable and weak newborns

–    Wild animals in captivity




This stone is extremely beneficial for many problems typically suffered by females. It is very useful in stabilising hormonal imbalances such as mood swings, anxiety and neurosis. Chrysoprase is also a very useful crystal in treating separation anxiety. Some dog breeds, for example the German Shepherd, are known for being one-man dogs, in other words their love is very focused on just one person in their life. When owners go away on holidays or even for just a weekend, these dogs can suffer from acute separation anxiety. Dogs with this tendency will particularly benefit from Chrysoprase.


Healing qualities: aids digestive system, balances female emotions, boosts fertility, calms deeply/physically and emotionally, enhances relations between different sexes, encourages emotional independence, heals separation anxiety, regulates hormones and seasons.


Indications of use:

•   Difficulty conceiving

•   Digestive problems

•   False pregnancy

•   Hormonal imbalances

•   Irregular seasons

•   Irritability

•   May assist in treatment of anorexia

•   Mood swings in females

•   Nervousness

•   Pining

•   Separation anxiety

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is often called the ultimate healing crystal. They say, if you have only one crystal in your collection, Clear Quartz should be the one. This crystal has shown that it will amplify the energy of whatever part of the body it is placed nearby. Regular use of Clear Quartz will help to enhance the bioenergy of the whole system and have a positive effect on the animal’s health by raising levels of vitality and boosting the immune system.

Clear Quartz will alleviate many extreme emotional states. For example: animals that have to go to the vet and get extremely excited to the point of hysteria. These animals will benefit from the use of Clear Quartz.

As a protection of background radiation in the home, place a piece of Clear Quartz on or around computers, television and other electrical appliances. You can also hang a Clear Quartz pendant on the collar of cats and dogs, place pieces inside the fish tank and pieces big enough so it cannot be swallowed inside animal cages. Doing this can have a very positive effect on the health of pets living in rooms with electrical equipment.


Healing qualities: Alleviates extreme emotional states, Amplifies and directs energy for improved healing and immunity, cleanses and purifies the blood, enhances bioenergy of the whole system, protects against background radiation, reduces pain, inflammation and damaged nerves and scar tissue.


Indications of use:

–    Blood disorders

–    Effects of radiation

–    Hysterical animals

–    Inflammation

–    Low immunity

–    Pain

–    Poor circulation

–    Poor healing

–    Resistance to healing

Dalmatian Jasper


Dalmatian Jasper Is one of the strongest healing stones for the entire body. Especially dogs will experience a calming effect from this stone. It brings joy and playful back into the animal’s life. The Tourmaline inclusions in this stone helps remove any negative energy the animal is holding. It provides a sense of security and positive energy. Dalmatian Jasper also helps combat exhaustion and boredom.




Fluorite is a very useful crystal on both the physical and mental levels of healing. Physically, the most important qualities is that it improves the body's assimilation of nutrients from food, specially phosphorus, zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamin K. This is very helpful for animals that are ill and have been eating less than usual. For the same reason it is very useful in animals suffering from anorexia, to help them prevent them from losing vitality while the source of the problem is dealt with.

Due to its association with calcium levels in the body, fluorite will also help strengthen bones and teeth. It helps to prevent and reverse tooth decay and other bone related disorders.

On the mental and emotional level, Fluorite balances the left and right sides of the brain and is extremely useful as a training aid for animals, helping them to balance their rational thinking side with their intuitive instinctual side.


Healing qualities: Boost animals suffering from illness back to strength, facilitates precision training, improves absorption of dietary nutrients, improves mental focus and learning, strengthens the bones and teeth.


Indications of use:

•   Anorexia

•   Arthritis and rheumatism

•   Clumsiness

•   Animals suffering from illness

•   Low vitality

•   Poor bone and tooth condition

•   Poor diet assimilation

•   Training problems

Green Aventurine



This crystal is strongly indicated for various emotional problems in animals, especially on fear and nervousness. It is particularly good for very sensitive and nervous animals. Aventurine is one of the key crystals that can help bring a greater sense of calm and confidence. 

Some animals do not just inherit their nervous behaviors, but develop them as a result of trauma, suffering and poor treatment. Any animal that comes into your home from a rescue center or who may have a difficult past would benefit from this crystal.


This crystal is very commonly used on animals because unfortunately so many animals have suffered in the hands of humans. 


Healing qualities: boost resistance to stressful situations, heals emotional scars, gives confidence, soothes fears


Indications for use:

- Fear

- Nervousness

- Over sensitivity

- Past abuse

- Rescue animals




Hematite increases the red corpuscles in the blood and is claimed to be of use in many types of blood disorders. It makes for better usage of iron in the diet. It is in fact composed of about 70% iron itself. It be used to help treat anemic states or conditions where vitality is lacking.

Hematite is also an extremely good kidney cleanser.

Hematite is able to have a profound “grounding' effect that will protect from what might otherwise be overwhelming shock to the system. That is why it is useful fro helping deal with shocks, traumas and frights. Hematite is indicated for maintaining calmness.


Healing qualities: boosts physical vitality, cleanses the kidneys, grounds, calms and sooth, improves assimilation of iron from the diet, helps to stem bleeding, maintains emotional boundaries, strengthens the blood.


Indications of use:

•   Anemia

•   Bleeding wounds

•   Blood disorders

•   Panic and hysteria

•   Kidney problems

•   Lack of vitality

•   Shocks and traumas

Jadeite Jade






Calms and soothes aggression, helps animals settle into new environments, gives strength to newborn animals. It can help with skin issues.

It is helpful for rescue animals that have suffer past abuse.

Lapis Lazuli



Lapiz Lazuli is a very powerful cleanser of both emotional and physical toxins. At the same time as it is flushing undesirable elements from the body, it allows better absorption of much needed vitamins and minerals from the diet. The combination of these properties makes Lapiz Lazuli a useful supplement for just about any animal or human. 

Long term use of chemical medicines overloads the body with toxins and hampers the excretory organs. Lapis Lazuli will help to boost our ability to maintain a healthier chemical balance.

Stress and depression are easily picked up by animals. They pick up on the emotional imbalances and unhappiness of their humans. This acts to lower vitality and physical functioning. Lapis Lazuli helps to release such emotional negativity.


Healing qualities: Helps with absorption from vitamins and minerals, flushes toxins from the body and mind, enhances the energy flow throw the body, resonates with the respiratory system, helps animals affected by the humans’ negative emotions.


Best used on animals with:

- Depression

- Low energy

- Poor diet

- Post traumatic pain

- Respiratory problems

- Toxicity






Orca Agate




Orca Agate is also named the forgiveness stone, it can heal any deep internal and emotional wounds. This stone can free the animal of self-doubt and promotes inner peace. This stone can be very beneficial for rescue animals with lots of emotional scars. It can help them heal emotionally and find back it's confidence and happiness.










This stone is good for reactive dogs, for example dogs that react negatively to other dogs or people on the street or to guest coming into the house. Rhodonite brings emotional balance. It can calm nervous or stressed

Rose Quartz


This stone is perfect for rescue and abused animals. It is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose Quartz is more often than not used for animals whose past involves some kind of ill treatment at the hands of humans. Many animals displaying traits of distress, aggression and fear turn out to have been neglectfully and cruelly treated. The animals that have experienced this kind of life may develop serious imbalances that will manifest as extreme fear or aggression, lack of trust in others and closure of the heart chakra and a blocked ability to love. This makes Rose Quartz one of the most important crystal for rescued animals. These animals can be very successfully treated for their traumas using Rose Quartz.


Healing Qualities: 

Gives confidence and love, heals the effect of past abuse, reduces stress, helps dealing with anger and aggression, helps animals who see all humans as bad.


Best used for animals with:

- Anger and aggression

- Fear

- Muscular tension and rigidity

- Nervousness

- Past abuse or cruelty

- Resentment

- Seeing all humans as bad

- Stress-related asthma



Smokey Quartz


Smokey quartz is perfect for nervous and scared animals. It can help them feel calmer going into new situations or things that stress the animal like a vet visit. 


Healing qualities:

Grounds, calms and sedates, helps to adjust to life changes, rapid relieve of acute shock or trauma, moving to new surroundings, accidents and emergencies, stressful situations. 



Sodalite is a very powerful healing stone with massive benefits.

It helps with aggression issues in cats and dogs, it calms and soothes the overactive mind and nerves, it soothes hyperactivity, reduces inflammation of the body and mind, boost the animal’s self-esteem, gives confidence to dogs that are defensive and anxious, promotes sleep and reduces fatigue, helps with panic attacks.

Sodalite is a very effective stress relieving crystal.


Turquoise is a master healer. It is great for protection and depression. If an animal is left home alone allot, Turquoise will work as a great comfort. It prevents nervous system disorders as well as depression, anxiety and stress

Turquoise is also an excellent stone to fill your animal with love and compression.


Healing qualities:

Works anti-inflammatory, comforts the animal when left alone, gives protections and helps against depression.

Tiger's Eye



Tiger's eye protects and energizes the body when it is worn on the collar. It is very beneficial for weak and sick animals. This powerful stone creates Courage and Confidence. Tigers eye is very good for timid and scared animals. It protects them from all kinds of danger. It is good for the wellbeing of the animal, especially for weak and sick animals. Tiger Eye is considered "The stone of self-discipline". It relieves doubt and helps with decision making with vision and clarity, it increases courage and self-esteem in nervous and afraid pets.

White Moonstone



Moonstone has an important affinity with the moon in its influence on the breeding cycle and hormonal fluctuations in female humans and animals. Moonstone is generally considered to be a "female' crystal. It can be used for erratic behavior when coming into season. Regulating hormonal imbalances, it can also help in cases where females have difficulty coming into season at all.

Mood swings, upsets, neurotic and hysterical behavior in female animals, if linked to hormone imbalance, can also be smoothed out using this crystal. Imbalances in hormone levels can also cause nervousness and hyperactivity. These emotional traits can be lessened by use of Moonstone. Another important use of Moonstone is in mothering and nurturing. It may be used during the birthing process, as a calming influence. Once the birthing process has finished, Moonstone enhances the bond between a mother and her young, and so it can help mothers to be more accepting of their newborns.


Healing Qualities:

Soothes and relaxes during birthing process, helps mothers’ band with her babies after giving birth, stabilizes emotions, produces an overall calming effect, helps regulate hormonal problems in females.


Best suited for:

- Difficult mothers

- Digestive problems

- Hormonal problems in females

- Hyperactivity

- Hysteria

- Irregular seasons

- Mood swings

- Nervousness

- Orphaned youngsters

- Stressful births

Yellow Jasper



Yellow Jasper can be very good for animals that are left alone for a long period of time, when you go to work for example or you leaving your animal in a boarding facility


Healing qualities:

releases toxins from the body, aids digestion and strengthens the stomach. eases separation anxiety

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